Roberto Cociancich Lawyer

I have been practicing as a lawyer for over 30 years with a particular specialization in corporate and commercial law. I am registered with the Milan Bar Association and authorized to act before the Court of Cassation.

I mainly assist Italian or foreign companies and entrepreneurs in the process of internationalization of their business, accompanying them in the reorganization, acquisition or sale of shareholdings (M&A), in the implementation of industrial and infrastructure projects.

I have significant experience gained in the field of Project Financing, energy, logistics, the manufacturing sector and the insurance sector.

After having been a partner in some Anglo-Saxon global firms, I founded and was president of the CRW and Partners and CREA Avvocati Associati law firms.

I was for five years (2013-2018 Senator of the Italian Republic and I dealt with constitutional reforms and relations with the European Union. During the Renzi and Gentiloni governments I was a government advisor for European policies.

Currently I am  of Counsel of the SZA Studio Legale  Firm. I also have my own  private practice in Milan in Via Cappuccio 7. I am a member of the Boards of Directors of some companies including SACE (the Italian export credit agency) and member of the Commission for International Relations (CRINT) of the Bar Association of Milan, founding partner and member of the board of Assobenefit.

Occasionally I lecture in Italy and abroad on topics related to my profession and sustainable development and I am co-author of some works published in London on corporate law, project financing and insurance issues.

The places of my professional commitment

Studio SZA

Studio SZA, of which I am a partner of counsel, is an important associated law firm with offices in Milan and Rome specializing in legal services for businesses, administrative law and civil litigation.


I am an independent director of Sace Spa, the Italian Export Credit Agency (ECA) a CDP Group company and subject to the management and coordination of the Economy and Finance Ministry, specialized in supporting Italian companies, in particular Small and Medium enterprises that aim want to grow in the global market through insurance and financial services.
I work as a lawyer in my private office in Via Cappuccio 5-7 in Milan, a perfect place to study, investigate issues, meet clients and colleagues, organize and hold ongoing training courses

Studio privato

I work as a lawyer in my private office in Via Cappuccio 5-7 in Milan, a perfect place to study, investigate issues, meet clients and colleagues, organize and hold ongoing training courses

Commission for International Relationships

The Commission for International Relationships of the Milan Bar (CRINT) promotes the study of the problems of comparative law as well as the training of European and international lawyers, to keep in contact with international organizations and associations.


Assobenefit, of which I am a founding member and member of the Board of Directors, is the association that brings together the Italian benefit companies (BCorp).

Commercial Law

Assistance and consultancy in the preparation and negotiation of commercial and industrial contracts.

Project Financing

Legal aspects of project finance in the implementation of infrastructural and industrial projects.


Corporate Law

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), extraordinary finance operations, incorporation and reorganization of companies and groups

Cross-border operations and international relations

Helping Italian and Foreign companies in their relations with partners or investors

Energy Law

Legal advice and assistance in projects for the construction of cogeneration plants, renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass)

UE Projects

legal advice in participation to European projects